The Great Iron Pillar – History, Facts & Mystery

The Great Iron Pillar in Delhi, which is having 7.3 meters in length from the ground and have a diameter of 48 cm, is a massive structure in Delhi. That’s a tourist attraction and also considered as a world’s most significant archaeological wonder. An Iron pillar, a mystery of Delhi needs a serious insight over it. We need to gather minute details in order to find the answers to some unsolved mysterious facts about it.

Some people believe that iron pillar mystery lies in its gigantic architectural testimony. They believe iron pillar, a mystery of Delhi is actually a master project showing the boundless skills of ancient ironsmiths of India, who were masters in extracting and refining iron even without no technological support.

That iron pillar proved to be an ultimate point of interest for the modern archeologists because the pillar has shown no single signs of rusting or deterioration from approximately the past 1600 years.

Scientific Assumptions About Iron Pillar

The iron pillar is a mystery because it has an intense resistance against corrosion because of which it has been surviving through all odd weather conditions for many years. There are two broad classifications among the reasons presented by scientists to justify the pillar’s excellent resistance towards natural rusting.

The scientists come up with either environmental aspect or a material aspect to explain the matter. Environmental theorists believe that Delhi is blessed to have a mild weather that’s why the pillar is not rusting so speedily. While believers of a material aspect present an argument that there is some key material product used in the construction of the pillar that is preventing the normal rate of corrosion.

The archaeologist believes that the pillar must be made of the pure iron type having low or literally no presence of sulfur. This happened to contribute to the solid metal grain structure of the pillar.

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Some other assumptions that try to explain this pillar mystery include certain scientific theories of mass metal effect. Most of the experts think that lack of sulfur contaminants in the environment plus the preservation coating of sulfur on the pillar, is helping pillar survive for such long time period.

Apart from all these reasoning, we can’t rule out the fact that construction strategy always affects the performance of a project. There are several other structures in India that reveal that there may be some common technique used by ironsmiths of India at that time in order to avoid the corrosion.

The scientists tried really hard to find the main reason behind corrosion resistance; they found out that the thin rust film formed over pillar actually helps the pillar from further deterioration. Various other facts revealed during this study later helped experts to devise successful ways to prevent the corrosion of steel.

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Most Successful Justification

Scientists have struggled really hard to find the reason and at last, they found through extensive testing that there is a special material on the iron pillar, i.e. a mixture of iron, oxygen, and hydrogen that is protecting the pillar from rust.

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