The Lost City of Atlantis! 5 Mysterious things you probably don’t know

The Lost City of Atlantis! 5 Mysterious things you probably don’t know

The world is Big and Full of Mysteries. The more you dig in, the deeper it gets, and the more interesting thing it omits. Even after having all the advanced technologies and being the so-called most advanced civilization, we have not explored more than a fraction of the world. There are still so many unsolved mysteries lying somewhere in the corner that we are not aware of. One of such mystery is of The Lost City of Atlantis.

The city that was said to exist on a historical island, and got drowned in the ocean due to some natural calamity. So many years into the research, so many brains, and we still do not know the truth behind the lost city of Atlantis. The Lost City has been in our stories for thousands of years. Some believe that it existed, some says that it was just a made-up story, but no one knows the truth. Meanwhile, the debate is still on, let us bring you top 5 mysterious things you probably don’t know about the Lost City.

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5 mysterious things you probably don’t know about The Lost City of Atlantis: –


Where is the Mysterious Lost City of Atlantis Located?

There has been no such physical evidence stating the location of Atlantis now or in the past. However, the stories and historical claims suggest that the big island was located somewhere near Gibraltar Island. The text of the Plato suggests that the name of the city Atlantis comes from the Atlantic Ocean, and the drowned city should have been somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. These claims from the Plato has remained as claims from centuries as no technology has been able to find any such thing on the Sea Bed. However, the world is big and the sea is vast, 95% of the Oceans is still unexplored, who knows?

The Name Atlantis and the Demigod Connection: –

It is widely believed that the Lost City of Atlantis got its name from the Atlantic Ocean, but there are other claims to the name. It is said that the City was created by Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. The story suggested that he loved mortal Atlantean women, and the city got its name from one of their eldest son Atlas. It is suggested that the Ocean also got its name from the same.

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How big was the Lost City of Atlantis?

The texts from the Plato suggests that the island was bigger than the size of current Asia and Libya combined in the size. Can you imagine? However, in most of the letter texts, the city has been stated as the Giant City. There are mention of any comparison for the size. Edgar Cayce, a known American Christian mystic, suggests that the size of Atlantis would have been equal to Eurasia.

The great grand infrastructure: –

The city that was believed to be built by Poseidon for his mortal love was grand in its infrastructure. It was believed to be covered by 5 rings of water and land. The rings of water and land were connected through 5 different tunnels. While the outermost ring of land was connected to the ocean through a big canal. The outer ring or the city was covered by the grand walls, the walls were made of red white and black rock. The grand wall was decorated with many precious metals. All the tunnels and canal were used to act as routes for ships to enter or exit the city. All the ship routes had grand pillars and gates for the welcome.

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The godly powers of the Atlanteans: –

Some tales state that the lost city of Atlantis was on Mars before, some said that it was and colony made by Aliens. It is believed that the inhabitants of the Atlantis possessed godly powers. They were able to control weathers, element, change time. Some even claim that they used some kind of devices to receive power from the space.

As of now, the lost city of Atlantis would have been lost thousands of years ago. Even after all the claim, there is no evidence to prove that the city ever existed. Some say that the Plato just used the name of the city as an explanation. While some say that so many particular stats texted by the Plato were a clear indication that he actually referred to the exitance of the city. It seems like the mystery is never going to be solved and the debate will continue.

So, what do you think about all these claims regarding the lost City of Atlantis? Do lose the city of Atlantis existed? Was the lost city of Atlantis real? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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