These Words can Mentally Affect your Kids- Be Careful!

Parenting is the most joyful journey. But, with joy comes responsibility, the perspective of life dramatically changes. Both father and mother have a different role to play while raising a child and understanding the roles and responsibilities is a prime necessity, the presence and attention of both the parents are necessary. Positive parenting knows when to react, how to react, how to care and everything in between. But, at times parents freak out when kids behave extra mischievous or something unexpected. That’s where realizing the fact that there are some words that can mentally affect your kids is more important.

How do you deal with these situations is something that defines your parenting style and capabilities. In the process of parenting, not only the response but the choice of words is also a crucial factor. If you are among those parents who shout (even at times) on kids or hit them when they do something unexpected, then this blog is what you need to read till the end.

Let’s take a look at a few dangerous words that can adversely affect the mental development and status of your kids, and can stay in their minds for years. You must avoid using them for successful parenting.

Words to Avoid as Parents:

Kids have a sponge-like brain that absorbs quickly, you need to be very careful while choosing and using your words.

You are too sensitive!

sensitive kids

Yes, of course, kids are sensitive, everyone knows it. Psychologists have proven that children have a fine-tuned nervous system and you as a parent are washing out the sensitivity. Some of the most renowned psychologists suggest parents listen to their children and accept their emotions, even if they are not logical and as a child, they are not supposed to be logical or correct every time.

That’s life

Let’s say your child comes back to home broken and frustrated as her girlfriend ignored dancing with her, here it can be a different scenario to say “That’s Life”. The phase to your child will send an impression that this was not a unique experience.

Though you can say these words to a 25-year boy as he’ll be mature enough to understand but a child here can feel guilty and frustrated.

Because I Said So!

What do you do when your child refuses to sleep on time? Do you make them understand why you want them to sleep on time? Or do you say “Because I said so”? it’s such a terrible response.  It forces them to accept what you say regardless of coming out with a question or enjoying the creative things.

Instead of doing this, let your child know the reasons behind it and let them understand that your decisions are based on logic.

Shut Up!

shut up

Shut up, when you say seriously is an insult in any age, especially for kids. It is a fact that they learn from the very young age and yes, you might be overwhelmed, frustrated and angry but that doesn’t give you the freedom to insult your child.

Here, you can explain to your child why you want him/her to maintain silence in a polite way. Hey, your mom/dad had a very long and hectic day at work, some silence would be appreciated or you can allow your child to make some noise and tell them that they have to be quiet by X time.

Final Words:

So, these are just a few important words that mentally affect your kids and you should completely avoid using them.

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