Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India

For many people in India, it’s always been a dream to go on an adventure trip. One always plans to explore the Architecture, Colours, History, Food, Royalty and much more. But, have you ever planned to go to the Mysterious places in India and explore mysteries that are scattered around the whole country? India has a rich history and that history has carried many historical unsolved mysteries with it too to the modern world which are far away from our understanding and challenges our perception towards the world.

In India, there are many such mysterious places where you can plan a trip to get thrilled, get amazed, get wowed!

Top 5 mysterious places in India that you can plan a trip to

1. Roopkund Lake or Skeleton Lake, Uttarakhand
Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India

Just Imagine a frozen lake, which makes almost 300 skeletons float on its surface as soon it unmelts. Yes!  Located in the Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand, Roopkund lake which is also called Skeleton Lake is one of the many amazing mysteries of the world. No one knows from where these skeletons came and who were these 300 people. The studies suggest that these skeletons are more than 1,200-year-old. The Skeleton Lake can be your plan for this year’s trip to the Amazing mysterious places of India.

2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India
Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India

Experience a mysterious and horrifying night at India’s most haunted place, Bhangarh Fort. The 17th-century fort holds many mysterious tales inside its high walls which still haunts the place centuries later. Although it is illegal to enter the fort after the sunset, you can always visit this mysterious and haunted palace during the day. Many people have experienced some mysterious activities here and some even claim that they have seen things. The Fort has been officially declared as haunted years ago.

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 3. Mass Bird Suicide, Jatinga (Assam)
Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India

There is a mysterious village in Assam, India. Where you can see a fleet of birds flying towards the village in the dark foggy nights and committing mass suicide. Yes! You may not believe this, but this mystery is real and no one has ever found the reason behind it. In Jatinga, a village in Assam, the birds that have no reason to fly in the night according to there biology, flies towards the village in foggy and dark nights and hits the houses or trees or pillars intentionally. No one knows the reason behind it, no study has proved anything yet, but this is happening for years now. Plan a trip to Jatinga and see what forces the birds to do so. Read More

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4. The Abandoned Village Kuldhara
Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India


 A village that was left abandoned by all the villages In the night of 1825 is still laying with no traces of the villagers that abandoned it found. No one knows why all the villagers left the town, no one knows where all of them went. There are tales that adds mystery to this village. More than that it is believed that the village was cursed by the villagers before they left and has been haunted since then. There has been a track of many paranormal activities inside the kuldhara village of Rajasthan and has been declared haunted officially by the govt organization. It is illegal to visit the village in the night, but you can always plan a trip during the day to explore the mystery.

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5. Hanging Pillars, Andhra Pradesh

Thrilling Holiday: A Trip to The Most Mysterious Places in India

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Centuries-old 70 pillars hanging without any support in a temple, isn’t it mysterious? This mystery takes you on a trip to a village of Andhra Pradesh named Lepakshi. When you will visit Lepakshi, you will see this marvel architecture. You can even pass objects from under the pillars to check if it is real or some trick. But to our experience, it is real and mysterious how these big sized 70 pillars can hang without any support. Take a trip and find it yourself.

For once, drop the idea of going on a trip to some beautiful landscape or a festival and visit these Amazing mysterious places of India. These places are surely going to make your trip adventurous, thrilling, and full of mysteries.

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