Top 10 body language secrets that will blow your mind!

Our bodies have their own language, it’s an integral part of who we are as an individual. It is a mere fact that some people don’t even think about it, your body language is something that is worth taking into consideration if you want to be successful in every aspect of your life. So, here we are putting together-

Some amazing body language secrets you must know

Check out these signs and ensure your body speaks well!

Slouching is a clear sign of disrespect


When you sit stand or walk in a lazy way, it is a sight of disrespect, it shows you don’t have any desire of being where you are. You’ll never want to say to your boss- I’m not sure why I need to listen to you’ but if you slouch, you don’t really need to say it, your body says it loud and clear.

Controlled gesture indicate confidence

When you aim for the small and controlled gestures, it is a reflection of confidence and leadership. Showing the palms of your hands or spreading your arms is a sign that you have nothing to hide.

Watching the clock

Watching clock
Watching clock

Watching the clock is a sign of disrespect and it shows that you have more important things to do than being with the person you are in that moment. It shows that you are impatient and are eager to leave.

Leaning into the conversation

When you turn yourself away from others and it shows that you are not interested, feeling uncomfortable and it’s disrespectful at the same time.

Lean towards the person who is speaking to you and tilt your head slightly while listening to them, it shows complete focus and attention.

Crossed arms and crossed legs

A lot of people have a habit of crossing arms or crossing legs when they talk to someone. People want to see you open-minded and interested in listening to what they have to say, even if crossing your arms makes you feel comfortable, avoid doing so.

Inconsistent words and facial expressions

When your words and your facial expressions are inconsistent, it shows that you are trying to deceive and there’s something wrong.

Avoiding eye contact

Avoiding eye contact
Avoiding eye contact

When you communicate without eye contact, you create suspense and it shows that you are hiding something. it is also a sight of a lack of confidence and interest.

Too intense eye contact is a sign of aggression

How long you need to hold the eye contact is also crucial to understand, looking into someone’s eyes without blinking and consistently can be a sign of aggression.

Standing too close

If you don’t maintain a reasonable distance while speaking with someone, it is a sign of disrespect and it shows that you don’t have an understanding of personal space.

Weak handshake

A weak handshake is a sign of low confidence and authority and too strong can be a sign of aggressiveness, you must ensure that handshakes are firm.

The bottom line

Remember, your body can speak louder than your words, without actually saying anything. Highly successful people know exactly how to communicate with their bodies and make a statement. Make sure to bring some changes in your body language and communicate effectively.

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