Top 4 Maritime Technology Predictions for the year 2019

With the new emerging technologies in every field in the past few years and many upcoming technology predictions for the year 2019, we can predict the same for the Marine technology also. In this era of technological advancements, it is very easy to guess that maritime technologies will be going under huge technological transformation.

Marine Engineering in India and around the globe may see these 5 key advancements that might change the world in terms of security, travel, logistics and more. All these advancements can already be seen taking place in a lot of ways through the marine engineering and can be a full-fledged reality any soon, and with the speed of advancement, it won’t be a surprise if we get to see 5 more added to it.

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Top 4 maritime technology predictions for the year 2019

1. Automation will make it easier

As automation is taking over everything, it is time for our big ships to adapt to it now. The automatic docking assistance for cruise ships, ferries, or emergency support vessels by using dedicated computer support can be a real thing in 2019. The recent adaptation of Amazon’s cloud service by Samsung’s shipbuilding company and the partnership between Rolls-Royce and the FinFerries is a perfect lookout for the progressive steps towards the same.

While considering the progress till now, we can expect more for 2019. There is also a first fully automatic ship of the world under construction in Norway. 90% of the world’s trade takes place through the see. Thus, the automation will make it a lot easier and more reliable. It will also eliminate the possibilities of manual docking faults or manual handling disasters

2. AI will help in navigation

The artificial intelligence has left nothing untouched. We have seen AI affecting a thing in recent years from a home appliance to a military aircraft. We will see AI in Maritime technologies also in 2019. The AI will contribute immensely in predictive navigation for the ships and vessels. The store managers and navigators will get all the future navigation prediction of vessels with AI’s help. This will make the sea travel safer as future navigation predictions can help in dynamic positioning and avoiding accidents.

Top 4 Maritime Technology Predictions for 2019

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3. IoT will connect everything

Internet of Things will play a major role in enhancing the sea travel experience and making it more meaningful for all. A total of US$2.5 million is anticipated to be invested in the IoT for maritime, as reported by Immarsat Research. All of these is in order to make a web of the Internet of Things connecting board systems to the Shore for analysing the data and helping in reducing fuel consumption, improving navigational safety and all.

It is expected that the IoT connectivity will help the ship owners to reduce the operating costs by upto 14%.

4. Cyber security in shipping

The shipping and Marine Industry has been a very vital target for the cyber attackers in the last year. The phishing and pharming and maritime have faced many attacks of ransomware and hackers affecting the business and security. Thus, the ship owners are being suggested to take various cybersecurity measures.

The IMO has told the shipowners to imply all the cyber security mandates. The deadline has been set to the 1 Jan 2021.

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With the help of Marine Engineering,Marine technology has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Now, in 2019, we can predict further technological advancements as the new technologies have been introduced to the worlds and are already being implied in the other sectors. All these technological advancements in the maritime industry will help in the growth of the industry by every means.

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