Top 5 Ancient inventions that were too ahead of their time

Top 5 Ancient inventions

Ever heard the phrase from your old ones “Those were the days”, that exact phrase I believe came traveling down through centuries. Maybe if our 1500 century ancestors will meet us today, they will recite the exact same phrase, just because how technologically advanced they were. It’s totally fine if you don’t believe me. Most of today’s living beings think that they only know what science and technology mean and that those living centuries ago without WI-FI were just sitting up on their rich butts. But, if you ever do consider the possibility of some of the ancient inventions that we can’t even match up today, then let’s sit to discuss. Let us discuss Top 5 Ancient Inventions that we are still not advanced enough to figure out.

Top 5 Ancient Inventions: –

05. Greek Fire

A Sketch representation:  Image source: Wikipedia

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Between the 7th to 12th century, the enemy ships of Byzantines had to face a mysterious substance thrown at them, that use to destroy their ships. It was a liquid, shot through siphons and tubes. It used to burn in water rather than getting stopped by it. The only way to stop it was by using Vinegar, Sand, and Urine. No one knew then and no one knows now about the weapon, what exactly was it, and how that so-called Greek fire was made. The deadly and unknown weapon got vanished in the history with the Byzantines, and we are still unable to figure it out.

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04. The Voynich Manuscript

Image Source: Wikipedia

At number, 4th comes the Voynich Manuscript. Wilfrid Voynich, a Lithuanian antiquarian of polish origin got a manuscript by an anonymous author. We still don’t know the content of this manuscript. Voynich spent all his life in trying to decode the secret content of the manuscript. The book named as Voynich’s manuscript has 246 pages written in the totally unknown language, and still, nobody can identify it. A Carbon dating was done on the Manuscript in 2009, and it came out that the Manuscript is from the 15th century. This Manuscript have hundreds of drawings that allows the content of into in different sections i.e. botany, biology, and astrology. It also has the miniatures drawn of the necked women walking into the water. The content of it is very strange and mysterious as per the age of the documents.

03. Ulfberht Sword

Over a 171 Ulfberht Swords has been found in the tombs all over Europe from the Vikings age. These Swords seem to be made with the techniques quite superior for that age, and even ours. All of them had the word “+Ulfberth” scripted on their blades, and that’s exactly from where it got its name. What does the word mean? No one knows. These swords are made from 99.9% metal and are also free from slag, and also having an almost perfect carbon balance. Expert says that the techniques once used to make these swords are still not perfected today.

02. Zhang Hang Seismograph

Seismographs nowadays maybe quite advanced, but they do shy away from the first earthquake detector in the history. Zhang Hang, a Chinese Scientist and Astronomer from the East Han Dynasty presented the Seismoscope in the year 132ad. It is a copper vessel with dragon heads aiming at the cardinal points. Beneath the dragon heads, there are various tods with open mouths. When there is an earthquake, a bronze ball would fell into the tods mouth from the dragon head, indicating where the earthquake had been taken place. It was even capable of detecting earthquakes hitting the surface even 600kms away. The operation of this device is still the biggest technological mystery in the history.

01. The Antikythera Mechanism

Image Source: Wikipedia

First in the list of Top 5 Ancient Inventions comes The Antikythera Mechanism. It is actually a 2000-years old analog computer. The Antikythera Mechanism was recovered from the bottom of the sea in 1902 near the Antikythera island in Greece. The device divided into 82 pieces is a complex clock mechanism system made up of many Brass Gears. Antique experts have found out that this device was used to calculate the Moon phases and the Lunisolar Calendar. Moreover, it was also used to show the planet movements known by that time. A special tomography was built to study the mechanism of this ancient object. Similar technology was not developed until the scientific revolution between the 16th and 17th centuries. It’s still a mystery to know that who made that device. How its creator got the necessary knowledge required for it at that time.

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This was our list of Top 5 Ancient inventions that we can’t still match up-to. Let us know what do you think about these Top 5 Ancient Inventions. Did it change your perception of the ancient world? What do you think ho they made so advanced technologies?

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