Uber Electric Vehicle Program! All Cars Electric in London by 2025

Uber Electric Vehicle Program! All Cars Electric in London by 2025

Uber has plans to minimize air pollution in London and start a Clean air initiative. It aims to make all of its taxis in the city electric by 2025 as per Uber Electric Vehicle Program.

What is the Plan of Uber turning all Electric in London?

This year Uber announced that it has plans to go all electric in the city by 2025, and to achieve that they plan to raise £200 million ($260 million) with the help of an extra “clean air fee”. The clean air fee will be charged to the customers as 15p ($.19) per mile on each trip that will provide financial help to its drivers in switching to electric vehicles.

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Uber previously had its license revoked under former CEO Travis Kalanick over “a lack of corporate responsibility,” as per the London regulators. Thus, this can also be seen as a long-term investment strategy by new CEO, Khosrowshahi to get its root again into the city. Uber received a temporary license over this summer, enabling it to start its operation again into the city.

Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO, said in a statement: “We’re determined to do everything that we can to support the Mayor’s bold vision to tackle Air Pollution in the Capital”

On the Uber’s Clean Air plan, he stated: “Over time, we have a goal to help people replace their own car with their phone, and that’s by offering a wide range of options to travel — whether through cars, bikes, scooters, or public transport — all in the Uber app.”

The city has almost 3.5 million Uber users in present and almost 45000 drivers operating under Uber’s license. By the end of 2021 almost 20000 drivers are estimated to switch to electric vehicles under this scheme, CNBC reported.

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What will it take to implement?

With the Uber Electric Vehicle Program going into implementation soon, Uber is also looking to get the EV infrastructure ready, as the EV prices and charging options may create problems. Expanding EV infrastructure is something that Uber is treating like a key element under the Clean Air Plan. In terms of providing more affordable charging to the app using drivers, Uber has started teaming up with the several homes charging suppliers like – Franklin Energy, NewMotion, Pod Point, EO Charging, EVBox, and BP Charge Master.

CEO of London First, Jasmine Whitbread, stated: “Here at London, we are stepping up to improve air quality and cut emissions – and we need bold initiatives from businesses, the public sector, and Londoners. It’s great to see Uber helping its drivers to make the switch to electric as we continue to work with the Mayor’s Taskforce to build up the home and public charging networks London needs.”

This initiative by Uber is being considered very commendable in terms of contributing to the atmosphere, including its contribution to the removal of highly pollution-emitting vehicles running on roads of London by its Diesel scrappage scheme. Uber is also looking forward to expanding its EV base in the US, as president Trump announced that the US might pull out of the Paris climate agreement. Uber is playing the scheme as a rollout to its EV base from London, that is expected to grow further in other countries in the future.

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