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Most People have Queries Like “How To Understand Life, Consciousness, and Intelligence?” Then spiritual understanding and awakening are different from what you might have read in many books and have heard at local discourses.

Connecting to higher self is what you must strive for if you are seeking a divine relationship with the oneness. In order to attain a higher spiritual bliss, you need to understand that the path for it goes from the self and the higher you are going to understand yourself, the better you will have the understanding of the spiritual path.

Here are some of the pointers that you have to keep in mind always:

  • Before following everything else, you need to understand that you exist in time as well as space. You have existence in both.
  • Your body is a temple and you need to worship it. Your body is an entire colony of cells. Spiritual strongholds your body hides.
  • A planet lives and emerges on your own and this is where you dwell. Never underestimate the power of yourself as there are many life forms living within you than the cells of your body.
  • Treat your body as a biosphere, just like an earth where the power of divine resides. In fact, your parasites have smaller parasites which also have even smaller parasites.
  • No matter how much you have heard or understood, your perceptions of the external universe are very limited. The electromagnetic spectrum is too vast to understand and whatever you have understood till now is a tiny proportion of it.
  • Whenever you are in a meditation or in your conscious, it might represent only 20% of the activity of your brain. The hidden 80% of the potential is what you need to unlock.
  • The entire DNA structure in your body has tons and tons of information going all the way back to your earliest one-celled ancestor.
  • Most of the cells in a human body are replaced every 7 years. This means that an entirely new you will be formed in the next 7 years to come. If you have any past difficulties crammed up in your brains, then you need to realize this power that your body will be an entirely new collection of cells in years to come.

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Anytime if you find it hard to connect with the higher self and to the inner soul of your being, you need to go easy on yourself, on your breathing first. Conscious breathing is a meditation in itself and it is going to put you in touch with your body.

Whenever you are finding yourself in a hard path or a stuck up situation, always see yourself surrounded by light or immersed in a luminous substance–a sea of consciousness. This is one of the signs of a spiritual awakening. Then relax, sit calmly and see yourself breathing slowly in that light.

Feel that aura, feel that magic taking up the entire space in your body and focus on your being and you will eventually find yourself dwelling in your body. Remember, the key here is to not to be attached to the light or the visual image.

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